The Cluster Collaboration's Photometric Catalogues

This page is devoted to photometric catalogues we have created of young stellar associations and clusters. The catalogues have been created using the optimal photometry algorithm described in Naylor (1998) and Naylor et al (2002). Further information is also available from Tim Naylor's optimal photometry page. The catalogues are primarily in what is called cluster format, though there are occasional variations where they are needed. Examples of Fortran which reads these files are given on our code page.

Updates to Catalogues

Where we have found problems with catalogues we have updated them. A list of the changes can be found in our change log.

Clusters & Associations

Berkeley 59 NGC2362
Cepheus OB3 NGC2547
Collinder 121 NGC6530
γ Velorum NGC6611
h and χ Per NGC6871
IC348 NGC7160
IC5146 NGC7296
λ Ori ONC
NGC1960 Pleiades
NGC2169 Preasepe
NG2244 σ Orionis
NGC2264 Stock 17

The Collaboration

These catalogues are the result of a collaboration between teams within the Exeter Astrophysics Group led by Tim Naylor, and the Keele Astrophysics Group led by Rob Jeffries. The contributors to the currently available catalogues are Cameron Bell, Ben Burningham (now at Hertfordshire), Tina Devey, Mike Kenyon, Stuart Littlefair, Nathan Mayne, Joana Oliveira, Monica Pozzo (who moved to Imperial and is now at UCL), Jon Rees, Darryl Sergison, Simon Thompson and Ed Totten.