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Isochrone Server (Version 1.1)

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This website allows you to compute solar metallicity semi-empirical pre-main-sequence isochrones in a variety of photometric systems. The isochrones presented here are based on existing interior models, however we have computed semi-empirical bolometric corrections and colour/effective-temperature relations which we use to transform the models into colour-magnitude diagram space.

Further details can be found in Bell et al (2014). Further instructions can be found in our brief manual, but you also need to heed our dire warnings. Changes between versions are noted in our change log.


If you have found the semi-empirical model isochrones on this server useful, we would be grateful if you would state that they are based on whichever interior model you adopt (e.g. Baraffe et al. 1998 α=1.9) with the Allard et al. (2012) bolometric corrections and additional empirical corrections as discussed in Bell et al. (2014), so as to properly apportion credit where it is due.

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