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Pre-main-sequence isochrones -- III. The Cluster Collaboration isochrone server. Bell et al


Pre-main-sequence isochrones -- II. Revising star and planet formation timescales. Bell et al
No evidence for intense cold accretion onto YSOs from measurements of Li in T-Tauri stars. Sergison et al


Pre-main-sequence isochrones - I. The Pleiades benchmark Bell et al


Rotation of young stars in Cepheus OB3b. Littlefair et al


The stellar association around Gamma Velorum and its relationship with Vela OB2. Jeffries et al
Pre-main-sequence variability across the radiative-convective gap Saunders et al


Empirical isochrones and relative ages for young stars, and the radiative-convectige gap. Mayne et al


The Keele-Exeter young cluster survey: I. Low mass pre-main sequence stars in NGC 2169. Jeffries et al
A maximum-likelihood method for fitting colour-magnitude diagrams. Naylor & Jeffries


Can variability account for apparent age spreads in OB association colour-magnitude diagrams? Burningham et al
Do accretion discs regulate the rotation of young stars? Littlefair et al
Contamination and exclusion in the σ Orionis young group Burningham et al
Membership, binarity and accretion among very low-mass stars and brown dwarfs of the σ Orionis cluster Kenyon et al


Low mass stars, brown dwarf candidates and the mass function of the young open cluster NGC 2547 Jeffries et al


The discovery of low-mass pre-main-sequence stars in Cepheus OB3b Pozzo et al
The lithium depletion boundary and the age of NGC 2547 Oliveira et al
Mass segregation in the young open cluster NGC 2547 Littlefair et al
On the nature of Collinder 121: insights from the low-mass pre-main sequence Burningham et al


No disks around low-mass stars and brown dwarfs in the young sigma Orionis cluster? Oliveira et al
Optimal photometry for colour-magnitude diagrams and its application to NGC 2547 Naylor et al


The discovery of a low-mass, pre-main-sequence stellar association around γ Velorum Pozzo et al