Sergison et al (2013)
Mayne et al (2007)

NGC2264 was used as a fiducial cluster with an assumed age of 3Myrs in Mayne et al (2007).

This cluster also shows an R-C gap, as seen in the CMD, when our data are supplemented by the photometry of the 90% confidence proper motion members from Mendoza V. & Gomez (1980). We provide a note on how this catalogue was created and the catalogue itself.





Sergison et al (2013) 2 EW[Li], Veiling, RVs and Hα parameters ASCII
Spectra gzipped ASCII tarball
Mayne et al (2007) 8 Full BVI catalogue ASCII
9 Periodic variable stars from Dahm & Simon (2005) ASCII
10 X-ray sources from Flaccomio et al (1999) ASCII
11 Hα sources from Lamm et al (2004) ASCII