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Nathan Mayne

I am a Senior Lecturer in the Astrophysics Group of the School of Physics at the University of Exeter, U.K.

I have changed research field or theme several times in my career-meaning a lot of reading! I completed my PhD, in pre-MS ages, and a M.Phys.(Hons) degree, with research into Surface Plasmon Polaritons, at Exeter University. I have also worked, as a postdoctoral fellow on monte-carlo radiative transfer, and fitting of brown dwarf observations to simulations. The resulting fitting tool is available here, which I hope to develop more in the future. I am passionate about outreach.

My main research area centres on a collaboration with the UK Met Office, and the creation of a theoretical framework with which to study the atmopsheres of exoplanets (and brown dwarfs). This work involves adapting and applying the Met Office (UK) Global Circulation Model (GCM) called the Unified Model (UM) for use studying exoplanets. Some very early examples of movies made of simulations of exoplanetary atmospheres are available here.

I am driven by the extremely exciting observations made of exoplanet atmospheres, and in the longer term by the aim to create a realistic two-way flow of knowledge and expertise between research into two of the biggest questions there are. Is life on Earth unique, and can we sustain life on this planet? Over the last 3 years I have developed the foundations for a set of tools, and associated collaborations which will hopefully make this a reality.

A painfully long version of my CV can be found here (I use it to keep track of things).

Science Communication

I am passionate about communicating the science and research we do to the wider public, and some examples are below.

I am working with the VFX company Engine House and At Bristol to produce a series of scientifically informed animations of exoplanet environments, and a mini-documentary style video. Below are the 4K and 8K 360 degree animations, and links to the documentary. If you would like to use these please credit Engine-House, At-Bristol, the University of Exeter, Nathan Mayne, Tom Evans and Sasha Hinkley.


Myself and David Sing, working with Phil Gurr created a series of videos explaining concepts, from the world of exoplanet research, and these are available on the links below:

"What is an exoplanet?"
"How do we find exoplanets?"
"What can observations tell us about exoplanets?"
"How can we use models to explore exoplanets?"
"How to determine if exoplanets might host life."

I recently gave a TED talk as part of the "Time and Tide" event in Truro you can view this here.

For list of my publications via the ADS click here.

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