Additional Columns for the Membership Tables.

The membership tables follow the standard cluster format, although they have zero colours, which means the first character (excepting spaces) on the first line is a zero. The second line then gives the names of the colours which were used in deriving membership, typically V, B-V and V-I. The next line is (as in normal cluster files) used for comments. Thereafter each line is a record for a star, with the normal first 10 entries (one would expect 10 entries if there are zero colours). After this there are four columns. The first three are whether or not the star is a member in colour 1 vs colour 2 (V vs B-V in the above example), colour 1 vs colour 3 (V vs V-I in the above example) and colour 2 vs colour 3 (B-V vs V-I in the above example). These flags are 1 if the star is a member in the appropriate colour combination, and zero if that combination is unavailable (which includes the signal-to-noise being too low). The final column is a shows whether the colour 1 vs colour 2 plot indicates the star is binary (i.e. it lies above the sequence - see paper for details), 1=binary, 2=single.