This meeting in Exeter is designed to bring together Earth, Solar System and Exoplanet specialists to discuss recent results and the way ahead, and put our own climate in the wider context of the trials and tribulations of planetary atmospheres. Planetary atmospheres are complex and evolving entities, as mankind is rapidly coming to realise whilst attempting to understand, forecast and mitigate human-induced climate change. In the Solar System, our neighbours Venus and Mars provide striking examples of two endpoints of planetary evolution, runaway greenhouse and loss of atmosphere to space. The variety of extra-solar planets brings a wider angle to the issue: from scorching 'hot jupiters'' to ocean worlds, exoatmospheres explore many configurations unknown in the Solar System, such as iron clouds, silicate rains, extreme plate tectonics, and steam volcanoes. Exoplanetary atmospheres have recently become accessible to observations.

ExoClimes 2010 is now over. The conference has been a success, fostering fruitful interactions between Exoplanet and Solar System atmosphere studies. We thank everyone who participated in the conference.

16th February 2011:
The ExoClimes2010 proceeding DVD is now availble online. The DVD has also been posted to every participants. The DVD contains the movies of the invited reviews, the slides of the contributed talks and an electronic version of most of the posters presented.

28th October 2010:
The proceeding webcasts of the invited reviews and the conference photos are now online. We invite you to have a look.
We are producing a proceeding DVD containing the webcasts of the invited reviews and the pdf of the contributed talks and posters. The DVDs will be mailed out to every participants by the end of December.

17th September 2010:
The PDF files of the talks and posters are now online.
The videos of the talks and the conference photos are being edited, and will be available soon.

1st September 2010:
The London Underground may be out of service on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th September. Our visitors are encouraged to avoid the Tube service on those days. Please see this link for more information: Proposed strike action.

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9th August 2010:
Bookings for the on-campus accommodation will close on Thursday 12th August, to allow us to finalise local arrangements.

29th July 2010:
The guest list for the conference dinner is now full. We regret to announce that any new registrants will thus be placed on a waiting list for the conference dinner.

10th July 2010:
If you have registered on this site and your registration has been accepted, but you have not completed the payment stage yet, please do it urgently by following this link.
A few spaces remain to attend the conference, if interested please fill in the registration form, wait for acknowledgement, and then fill in the payment form.

28th June 2010:
Posters will be displayed pro-eminently near the conference room and participants will be able to read them during the coffee and lunch breaks. The poster size will be up to A0 size in portrait (width = 841mm, height = 1189mm), or up to width=841mm in landscape.

14th June 2010:
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Important dates

Abstract submission: before May 28th. (Closed)
Funding requests: before May 28th. (Closed)
Early Registration: before June 30th. (Closed)

Conference themes

Extra-Solar planets

Atmosphere and circulation models of hot gas giants
The atmosphere-interior connection

Solar System planets

Comparative planetology, Mars, Venus, Earth, Titan

Bridging the Gap

Applying GCM to exoplanets, toy models, ocean planets,
Super-Earths and lava worlds, formation of atmospheres

Living atmospheres

Habitability, atmosphere-life co-evolution, Earth as a system,
Climate change

Confirmed Invited Speakers

  • Sushil Atreya - University of Michigan
  • Peter Cox - University of Exeter
  • Linda Elkins-Tanton - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • François Forget - University of Paris 6
  • Jonathan Fortney - University of California Santa Cruz
  • David Grinspoon - Denver NH Museum
  • James Kasting - Penn State
  • Heather Knutson - UC Berkeley
  • Tim Lenton - University of East Anglia
  • Ralph Lorenz - JHU Applied Physics Lab
  • Kristen Menou - Columbia University
  • Peter Read - University of Oxford
  • Franck Selsis - University of Bordeaux 1
  • Adam Showman - University of Arizona
  • Fred Taylor - Oxford University

Scientific committee

  • Suzanne Aigrain - Oxford University
  • Isabelle Baraffe - University of Exeter
  • Peter Cox - University of Exeter
  • François Forget - University of Paris 6
  • Jonathan Lunine - University of Arizona
  • Frédéric Pont - University of Exeter
  • Adam Showman - University of Arizona
  • Christophe Sotin - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Fred Taylor - University of Oxford
  • Roger Yelle - University of Arizona


  • Frédéric Pont - University of Exeter

  • Suzanne Aigrain - Oxford University
  • Isabelle Baraffe - University of Exeter

Local Organising Committee

  • Aude Alapini Odunlade (chair)
  • Susie Burdett (secretary)
  • Frederic Pont
  • Suzanne Aigrain
  • Jenny Patience (press)
  • Nawal Husnoo (website and webcast)
  • Joanna Bulger
  • Rob De Rosa (webcast)
  • Alasdair Allan (internet access)


  • The review talks will be available online as webcasts. No written proceedings will be produced.