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This page has links to some of the data which were used in Naylor, Allan and Long.

The data are the 118 lower resolution spectra, reduced as described in the paper. This means they have had their velocities corrected for shifts in the slit using the atmospheric bands, been corrected for atmospheric band absorption, and shifted in wavelength to the Solar System barycenter. In addition they have also been corrected for slit losses using second star on the slit (using the flux in the range 8000-8100 Angstroms). These are in files named after the image numbers (see Table 1 of the paper), and consist of wavelength, flux, and flux uncertainty. Uncertainties of zero or less indicate a problem with the data.

In addition there are the spectra for our M-type stars, treated in the same way, save the slit loss correction.

Download a tarball of the spectra from (here), and please tell me if you do so, as I'm interested to know who finds them of use, and can keep you in touch with any developments.

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