Photometric catalogues

Below is a summary table of all the photometric catalogues presented in Mayne et al (2007) , with links to literature sources (NASA Abstract Service) and the catalogues themselves under the table number given in Mayne et al (2007) .


Table 4: X-ray members from Jeffries & Tolley (1998).
Table 5: Spectroscopic members from Jeffries and Oliveira (2005).


Table 6: Full photometric catalogue.
Table 7: Extinction members from Sicilia-Aquilar et al (2005).


Table 8: Full photometric catalogue.
Table 9: Periodically variable stars from Lamm et al (2004).
Table 10: X-ray sources from Flaccomio et al (1999).
Table 11: H&alpha sources from Dahm & Simon (2005).
Table 12: Proper motion members from Mendoza V. & Gomez (1980). Positions are from 2MASS via matching of ID's through WEBDA, a field number of 1 denotes a star from the Walker (1956) and 2 from Vasilevskis et al. (1965).

Cepheus OB3b

Table 13: Full photometric catalogue.
Table 14: X-ray sources from Naylor and Fabian (1999).
Table 15: Spectroscopic members from Pozzo et al (2003).
Table 16: Periodic variability members from Littlefair et al (in prep).
Table 17: H&alpha sources from Ogura et al. (2002).
Table 18: X-ray sources from Getman et al (2006).
The catalogues from this paper were revised in October 2013 to remove the values of B-V, since no B -band data were taken for this cluster.

σ Orionis

Table 19: All stars in the FOV.
Table 20: X-ray sources from Sanz-Forcada et al (2004).
Table 21: Spectroscopic members from Burningham et al (2005b) and Kenyon et al (2005).


Table 22: Full photometric catalogue.
Table 23: Periodically variable stars from Littlefair et al (2005).
Table 24: X-ray sources from Preibisch & Zinnecker (2002).
Table 25: X-ray sources from the Second ROSAT PSPC catalogue.
Table 26: Spectroscopy from Luhman et al (2003).
Table 27: H&alpha sources from Herbig (1998).

h and χ Per

Table 28: All stars in FOV.
Table 29: Combined catalogue of positionally selected stars.