NGC2547 warnings

1) The brightest stars in our catalogue were saturated, and so we have replaced them with measurements from Claria (1982). The positions for these objects (which are given a field number of 0) are not as accurate as the other positions. So, for example, you will come to grief if you use these positions for lining up fiducial stars when observing the fainter members. We measured our positions with respect to SuperCosmos, so this may provide you with bright fiducials.

2) We selected all stars brighter than V=13, removed as duplicates such stars close to each other, and then found a one-to-one correspondence between these objects and Claria stars, when we replaced the former with the latter. So,what remains flagged as saturated are probably spurious sources, with a possibility that some are close to badly saturated objects, for reasons explained in the paper.

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