StarBench: A Workshop For The Benchmarking Of
Star Formation Codes
8th-11th April 2013

Image credit: astroanarchy
Workshop Tests

The main batch of tests has been distributed, contact the organisers to receive copies.

Each code represented at the workshop is to perform as many of these test caclulations as possible prior to the workshop. The workshop itself can then be devoted to discussing the differences between the different techniques.

Shock tube tests

  1. Isothermal shock
  2. Cooling shock
HII region expansion

  1. Mixing of ionized and cold gas
  2. Whalen & Norman (2008) H II region expansion (2 tests)
  3. The D-type expansion of HII regions
  4. Testing the stability of planar ionization fronts (3 tests)
  5. Radiatively driven implosion
  6. Off-centre expansion of an HII region
  7. R-type ionisation front from a runaway O star
Contact discontinuities

  1. Numerical problems at contact discontinuities (4 tests)
Synthetic observations

  1. Simulated observations of an irradiated cloud