StarBench: A Workshop For The Benchmarking Of
Star Formation Codes
8th-11th April 2013

Image credit: astroanarchy
Contributing Codes

A number of computer codes will be performing the workshop tests.

  • Aqualung
  • Flash: homepage
  • Heracles: Heracles is a 3D hydrodynamical code used to simulate astrophysical fluid flows thanks to a finite volume method on fixed grids (Cartesian, cylindrical, spherical coordinates) that solves the equations of hydrodynamics, MHD, radiative transfer (M1, FLD and Multigroup) and gravity homepage

  • Pion: homepage
  • Ramses: Ramses is an AMR-Cartesian code for self-gravitating magnetized fluid flows coupled with radiation (FLD) homepage

  • Seren: An SPH and ray tracing code. homepage

  • SPH-NG
  • Torus: An AMR Monte Carlo radiation transport and hydrodynamics code. homepage
  • zeus-mp:homepage