StarBench: A Workshop For The Benchmarking Of
Star Formation Codes
8th-11th April 2013

Image credit: astroanarchy

  • The workshop is over!
  • Attendees are invitied to apply for talks at the workshop.
  • The main batch of tests has been released, contact the organisers to receive copies. Tests
  • So far the Aqualung, Flash, Heracles, Pion, Ramses, Seren, SPH-NG, Torus and zeus-mp codes are due to be represented. See the codes page for more information on each code.
  • Added transport and accommodation information.
  • Registration is now available. See the registration page for details!

Hydrodynamical simulations are a powerful tool for understanding the dynamical evolution of the interstellar medium leading to star formation. Adaptive Mesh Refinement and Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics are the most common techniques used in the implementation of the numerical hydrodynamic codes. New algorithms are constantly being developed by many groups worldwide, offering new tools for examining star formation.

This meeting will be dedicated to the technical comparison of these codes and to round-table discussions for the pros and cons of each method. In this frame of work, participants will be asked to perform a priori specific simulations using their codes, the results of which will be used for the discussion during the meeting.

Topics will include:

  1. Expansion of HII regions
  2. Hydrodynamical Instabilities
  3. Evolution of circumstellar disks
  4. Fluid mixture (two-phase media)
  5. Shock tube tests
  6. Synthetic observations.