Haphazard collection of possibly useful things...

Eric's command line command summary

Mac Tips

Example .cshrc file



ADS - search for published papers, specific authors, or keywords.

astro-ph - updated each weekday with papers accepted to journals.

Annual Reviews of Astronomy and Astrophysics - useful for subject reviews, if that wasn't obvious.

Nature - papers and other articles which don't always appear on astro-ph.

Science - papers and other articles which don't always appear on astro-ph.

Others journals: ApJ, AJ, A&A, PASP, MNRAS, PASJ, AN

Protostars & Planets (IV & V) Conference proceedings. Someone in dept. will have copy/access.

Setting up a VPN with your university username can allow access to these when out work. ________________________________________


Mail.app on a mac - needs username and password from John Rowe.

Pine - use from terminal. Can be used to access e-mail remotely by ssh-ing to linux machines. ________________________________________


Some of us use Fortran, Perl, and\or C. Compliers: you should have g95 installed on your mac. Otherwise, speak to someone else. ________________________________________


Nedit - simple, easy to use, good shortcuts.

Emacs - popular.

VI - oldschool.

Pico - use from command line for very quick editing.




You'll use this when writing papers, your thesis, CVs, and pretty much anything someelse is going to read.

Can be used from the command line or TeXshop application on your mac.

Example tex file and style file etc. for an A&A paper. ________________________________________


You will probably have two plotting needs: quick plots and good plots.

Graph - (in TimN's Ark software collection) - can be used for both purposes.

Gnuplot - very quick and easy to use from the command line.

PGPLOT - Plotting subroutines which can be called from Fortran, C, and Perl programs. Requires a bit more work but can do a lot.

IRAF - can also be used for plots, use only if you're going to use IRAF for other things. Otherwise: walk away.



Image Display

DS9 - use with IRAF.

Gaia - starlink software.

Skycat - ESO software built around Gaia. ________________________________________

Data Reduction

Programming language of your choice.

IRAF - once installed type "cl" to start

ARK - Tim N's ARK software



Numerical Recipes - fortan and C subroutines.

NAG Library - more numerical subroutines.




La Palma - WHT, INT, Liverpool Telescope

Hawaii - UKIRT, Gemini North, JCMT, CFHT

Chile - ESO VLT at Paranal, others at La Silla.

Austrailia - AAT

Space... - Spitzer, Chandra, HST

Telescope proposals - call for proposals usually twice a year. ESO and others end of March and September for semester starting six months later. ________________________________________

Expected First Year Tasks

Literature Review - January

First year report - April/May ->

First Year Talk - Oct/Nov





Telescope talks for UCAS days etc. ________________________________________


SIMBAD - search for particular objects

Vizier - collection of astronomical catalogs

NED - NASA Extragalactic Database


Other Useful Programs


Maple - on linux machines ________________________________________

Your other homespace..

As well as on your mac, you will have a homespace on the linux machines. Access by ssh-ing onto any (e.g. pinky, taz).

Can access your mail remotely from here and get to your webspace. ________________________________________

Other how-tos



UNIX intro

Linux intro I

Linux intro II

Linux intro III

IRAF scripting

IDL intro