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Quick and easy to use?

  • The software is designed to be general purpose, we have used it for optical work on with the INT WFC, the JKT, the CTIO 0.9-m and for infrared work with INGRID on the WHT.
  • The catalogues we have published (and made available in electronic form) amount to photometry of over 100,000 stars (though some stars appear in more than 1 catalogue). We are about to start work on data from the ESO 2.2-m + WFI.
  • If a particular instrument has been used before it typically takes an experienced user day to run a few pointings (of many CCD images) through the system once the data are de-biased and flat-fielded.
  • But the system is NOT a pipeline. Every instrument is different, and you need to explore it to find out what the best reduction parameters are.
  • The images input into the system have to be translated from FITS to a local format, but the system could be made to run on FITS images if required. The outputs are ASCII tables of field ID, star number, RA, Dec, pixel X and Y, and then magnitudes and colours with errors and flags.

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