Gennaro D'Angelo

Welcome to my homepage! I was a UKAFF Fellow and member of the Astrophysics Group at the School of Physics of the University of Exeter till January 2006. Now I am a NASA Postdoctoral Fellow at NASA Ames Research Center.

My major field of research is the theory of formation and evolution of young planets. More specifically, I work on the interaction occurring between protostellar disks and embedded planets, mainly by means of hydrodynamical simulations.
The primary aim of such study is to achieve a better understanding of the physical conditions necessary for the formation of planetary systems similar to our Solar System.

Since CVs seem to be so popular, I thought I shouldn't disappoint anyone. Therefore, here you can find a short record of my past. Some cheap ads concerning my career can be found here. Some pictures are available on Milena's homepage at UC Santa Cruz.

  • Evolution of circumstellar disks with planets
  • Evolution of young planets
  • Conditions for satellite formation
  • Here is the list of my published papers, which can also be retrieved from the ADS Abstract Service.


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