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about me

I'm a senior research fellow and part of the Astrophysics Group in the School of Physics at the University of Exeter, working in the field of astronomical computing. For the last few years I've been working on the eSTAR Project building an intelligent robotic telescope network. It is a joint project between the ARI at Liverpool JMU and the Astrophysics Group here in Exeter.

Alasdair Allan talking about "Machine Learning in the Real World"
at O'Reilly Media's Strata Conference in 2011.

We're currently at the forefront of applying intelligent agent architectures and techniques to astrophysics research for telescope control and scheduling, and for data mining in the emerging virtual observatory. I'm currently leading the work at Exeter into building a peer-to-peer distributed network of telescopes which, acting autonomously, can reactively schedule observations of time-critical transient events in real-time.