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CMDfit Software

If you are lucky and have a Mac, you will simply be able to download the software bundle from the link given below, and run the examples.

Dowload software bundle. (Last updated 21 August 2015. Change and bug-fix list.)

Download the software into your home directory, and unpack it with,
tar xzvf cmdfit.tar.gz
which will make a directory called CMDfit. Have a close look at startup.csh in the directory CMDfit, and change the definition of CMDDIR to match whichever directory you have downloaded the software into. Now, source startup.csh, make yourself an empty directory and try running example 1. Once you've run the startup script, the programmes should run if you simply type their names at the prompt. If you run into problems with the examples, then my output from running them is available in a sub-directory of the download bundle.

If the software simply does not work, then you will have to recompile it. It's built using the gfortran compiler, and although I have attempted to make the code as compiler independent as possible (it started life using the NAG compiler, then the g95 compiler), it obviously best if you can use gfortran. What's more its free, and available from the gcc gfortran binaries site. You build the software by running compile.csh, which is in the CMDfit directory. Individual programs can me remade from the Code directory, with a command like "make -f monte.make".

If the compile fails, I'm happy to give what help I can.

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