This catalogue is based on the one presented in Pozzo et al (2003 MNRAS 341 805) and Pozzo (2001; PhD Thesis), with two significant changes.

1) The formatting now conforms to our normal cluster format. However, since "a" and "b" would not fit within that format, the CCDs are referred to by their numbers, 2 and 4 respectively.

2) The astrometry has been improved. It is carried out as described in Pozzo et al (2003) but now entirely with respect to the 2MASS catalogue. The resulting fits have RMS residuals of about 0.09 arcseconds, which is a significant improvement on the 0.35-0.53 when we used USNO-A2 reported in Pozzo et al. Furthermore the systematic residuals reported in Pozzo (2001) are no longer present. Note that we have not attempted to join the two CCDs into a virtual mosaic.