Personal Stuff

This page contains non-work stuff, and the University of Exeter is, of course, not responsible for it in any way. In particular, I doubt the University endorses the rather high-carbon-footprint way of life documented herein.


When I go somewhere interesting, I try to write e-mail postcards to friends, relatives etc. They tend to be quite long (brevity not being among my virtues) and only started having pictures when I got my first digital camera, so postcard is something of a misnomer. In fact, I shamelessly lifted the concept from Clive James' "Postcard from..." TV shows, but if I call it an "hommage", I don't think he can sue me. "Letter from..." would doubtless be more appropriate, but somehow doesn't sound right. Could it be because a letter is something you send to a person to tell them how you feel about him or her (even letters from the bank tell us how they feel about us - usually avaricious), whereas a postcard says how you feel about a place? For better or worse, here they are.

The individual postcards (and pictures if appropriate) are linked off this page. The entries on this page are just a summary of where I went, when, and possibly the odd comment on them, now that I'm certainly older and possibly wiser.

Postcard from the End and the Middle of the World

Autumn 2006: I'd just returned to Europe, and promptly found myself visiting two very different bits of France. The title is clumsy as hell - I still like the idea behind it, but can't find a good way to express it. If I had any self-discipline, I'd kill it.