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Lee J Summers, BSc(Hons) MSc(R) FRAS


2010 - present

Currently I am working on HI data, from the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey, to produce a dataset similar to that for the CO observations of the Perseus arm. I am also expanding the model to describe the Outer spiral arm and producing common resolution maps in CO and HI, including the VGPS (VLA Galactic Plane Survey). 2009 - 2010

Using observations of various isotopologues CO to trace the molecular Hydrogen within the Exeter-FCRAO Galactic Plane Survey (ExFCRAO-GPS) with the goal to identify the spiral structure of the outer Milky Way. Initally, using fits to maser emission from high mass star formation regions, we fit a model, in both space and velocity, to the Perseus spiral arm (the nearest large scale structure). We now have a model of the Perseus arm, which when applied to the data extract the emission co-incident with arm. Using the arm model, we produced spatially convolved maps of common rlinear resolution accross the whole arm. See my Publications tab for more information on this subject.

2008 - 2009

The relation of the mass of Molecular Hydrogen in Galactic Molecular Clouds to that of the age of possible associated stellar clusters using the work of Leisawitz et al. 1989 as a basis.

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