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I am involved in the following international outreach projects:
  • Cosmic Diary
  • Europe

    In the UK, I have worked as a science coomunicator and participated in several outreach activities:

  • I have worked as a Live Science Team member in At-Bristol, delivering planetarium and science shows, enthusing all ages and explaining the science behind exhibits and busk activities - May to September 2011
  • Science in a Tent, with the Institute of Physics at the Devon County Show - May 2010
  • Astronomy Open Evenings at the University of Exeter - May 2010, April 2009
  • Science outreach in schools and at the University with Community Action (University of Exeter) - May 2009, March 2011
  • Astronomy outreach at the Westgate Science Club - October 2010

  • In France, I have participated in activities with La Main à la pâte and the Centre Social de Torcy in Paris.


    I am involved in outreach activities in Benin in partenariat with the Observatoire de Paris:

  • Année Mondiale de l'Astronomie 2009 au Benin (french) - April 2009
  • Total lunar eclipse in Benin - March 2007
  • Total solar eclipse in Benin - April 2006
  • Written

    Other planets in our Galaxy by Aude Alapini
    Postcards from the Edge of the Universe, ESO, 2009
    ISBN: 978-3-923524-64-8

    A pdf version of the book is available for free (29Mb) and the hard cover can be purchased online (€ 9.90).

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